PAGANI, Zonda Cinque & Zonda Absolute resin scale model 1/43 - Now 7 choices

    8 April, 2014Posted by peako

    Matte Black, White, Orange, White (RHD), Light Blue and Green Zonda Absolute 1/43 resin

    Huayra Track Pack resin scale model 1/43 - 3 choices NOW

    8 April, 2014Posted by peako

    Dont hesitate to get them home. Contact our worldwide distributors/retailers or peakomodel right now!

    To celebrate United AutoSports Danny W. to be P2 and Richard M. to be P6 in Macau GP 2013, peako model's scale 1/43 GULF Press versions & #23/#25 are released NOW

    1 March, 2014Posted by peako

    1/43 Diecast MP4-12C GT3 in Macau GP 2013: press version or race # version. Which one you like?

    PRE-ORDER - 1) 1/12 Huayra and Zonda Cinque. 2) 1/43, 1/18, 1/24 zonda F. 3) 1/18 TOYOTA 86 TRD 4 colors. Or tell us your other choices.

    1 March, 2014Posted by peako


    1/18, 1/24, 1/43 zonda F

    1/18 TOYOTA 86 TRD (Pearl White/Black/Orange/Silver)

    PAGANI Scale 1/18 Series: Zonda Absolute, Zonda Tricolore w/premium box, suede stand and transparent cover

    11 November, 2013Posted by peako

    ZONDA ABSOLUTE 1/18 resinZONDA TRICOLORE 1/18 resin

    <Other versions are available soon>

    ADOPTING your GUMPERT apollo s Resin scale 1/8 (year 2010/2011) to home - No MOQ. Welcome to order NOW!

    Mar 20, 2013Posted by peako

    While GUMPERT showing apollo r & apollo Enraged in GENEVA Motor Show last March, peako model's 1/8 apollo s (white 2010 & light blue 2011 version) were honour to join!

    <2010 version & 2011 version are available now>

    peako model

    Posted by peako


    This is peako, the top professional scale resin model car making company. We specialize modelling top of the world car models in different scales. We not only assist model car companies to produce different scale resin models, but also is prond of being your supplier to provide different scales of resin model cars to sell in worldwide.

    Now different resin car models and their scales are ready by your order. Dont hesitate to bring them home now. It is time to realize your dream by owing dream car model!!